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Collection Development and Acquisitions Ordering Information


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Ordering Library Materials

Book and video orders are accepted from all St. Lawrence faculty and staff. Students and other North Country residents may also recommend books, videos, and other items for purchase by the Library.

Orders may be placed by e-mail, by phone, through the SLU Libraries' web site, through campus mail, or in person. We accept printed or handwritten orders, e-mail messages, Word documents, marked-up publishers' catalogs, Choice cards, YBP slips, phone calls, etc.

When placing an order, please include as much bibliographic information as possible - author, title, publisher, date, cost, distributor (if different from the publisher), etc.

Please indicate your name and department (or your interdisciplinary program affiliation) on every order. If you are affiliated with both an academic department and an interdisciplinary program, please let us know whether your order is for the department or the program.

If you are ordering materials in support of a new course (a course that has never been offered at St. Lawrence) or if you are ordering materials in support of a new course, please indicate this on your order. Books and videos purchased in support of a new course will not normally be charged to any departmental fund.

When requesting a book on a subject unrelated to your academic work, please write "IDIS" or "non-departmental" on the order. These orders will not be charged to any departmental fund.

The processing of book and video orders often requires us to share order information (lists of titles and requestors) with the library liaisons in each department. If a book or video order is intended to be confidential, please mark it accordingly; information about the order will then be available only to the full-time Acquisitions staff. Book and video requests submitted anonymously will be considered for purchase by the Acquisitions Librarian.

Where to send orders

Orders for books and videos (other than Reference materials) should be sent to Renée Dominie.

Requests for journal subscriptions, networked resources and data files should be sent to Michelle Gillie.

Recommendations for Reference Collection purchases should be submitted to Paul Doty, Public Services Librarian (229-5483).  If you need a particular journal article or short-term access to a book, please contact the Interlibrary Loan staff at 229-5485. It is usually quicker to get books through Interlibrary Loan than to purchase them for the library collection.

Response time and rush orders

If you need a book or video more quickly than usual - in particular, if you need it by a certain date - please indicate this on your order. We will notify you when your rush order arrives.

Notification when materials have been received

Faculty and staff ordering videotapes or DVDs will be notified when their videos have been cataloged and are ready to circulate. If you would like to be notified when a book has come in, please indicate this on your order. (Notification will be sent automatically for all rush orders.)

Acknowledgement of orders

The Acquisitions staff will sometimes let you know when your order has been placed with a vendor or publisher. (This is especially likely if the order has involved questions or concerns on your part or ours.) We do not generally acknowledge routine orders for books or videos, however. If you submit a book or video order and do not hear from us, you can assume that we have placed the order.

Cancellation of long-standing orders

Some orders cannot be filled immediately. (Certain out-of-print and foreign items are available only through small book dealers at certain times, for example.) If an order cannot be filled immediately, we will keep trying to fill the order for at least several months.

The Acquisitions staff may cancel orders for out-of-print materials after several months, however. Most unfilled orders actually remain active for two or three years, but this is not necessarily the case.

We do not normally notify requestors when canceling long-standing orders. However, we do contact faculty regarding those items that seem especially important.

Duplicate orders

If we receive an order for an item that is already on order (or already held by the Library), we will not normally order a second copy.

If the same item is ordered by two or more people, we will charge it to the department or account that first ordered the item.

Reimbursement for purchases by faculty

Individual faculty are sometimes in an especially good position to purchase certain kinds of items. A professor on sabbatical leave in India may have immediate access to materials not available through American library suppliers, for example. Under these circumstances, we are sometimes able to reimburse faculty for items purchased on behalf of the Library. We strongly suggest that you contact the Acquisitions Librarian before making these purchases, however. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee that the Library will provide reimbursement. Purchases made by individual faculty must normally include a receipt. For further information, please contact Michelle Gillie.


The Library maintains a collection of more than 8,000 videos. The video collection is used primarily in support of teaching, although faculty and students can also request videos for their research. Several hundred videos are added to the collection each year, almost exclusively in response to requests from faculty. (Cost considerations and the scarcity of reliable selection tools make it difficult to build a video collection in anticipation of future need.)

Ordering videos

Video orders are accepted from all St. Lawrence faculty and staff. Students and other North Country residents may also recommend videos for purchase.

Video orders should be sent to Renée Dominie.

Michelle Gillie will be glad to answer questions about videos and to provide help in identifying the films most suitable for particular courses.

Borrowing and showing videos

Rental of videos

The Library does not rent videos from distributors for short-term use. If a particular video is likely to be of lasting value, either for a particular course or more generally, then we will order it for the library collection. The Acquisitions Librarian can help identify rental agencies or distributors for patrons who wish to rent videos on their own, however.

Video formats

Except in special circumstances, new videos will be purchased only on DVD.

Copyright law

U.S. copyright law permits the circulation of videos to individual library patrons for any type of use, academic or non-academic. It also allows for the public showing of videos to certain groups within the University for course-related purposes.

Issues of copyright compliance are sometimes important in determining how videos can be disseminated or networked within the University. The Acquisitions Librarian can assist patrons in identifying the dissemination methods most likely to comply with copyright law.

Duplication and replacement of videos

Duplicate copies of videos are normally purchased only when copyright law requires the acquisition of duplicate copies in order to meet demand.

Lost, missing, or damaged copies will not necessarily be replaced. The need for a replacement copy will be determined on the basis of current curricular needs and budgetary conditions.