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Music Library Assistant

Music Library
Position Grade Level: 
Working Hours: 
Flexible (approximately 10 hours per week)
Number of Students Hired: 
Job Description: 

The student who is qualified for this position must have good communication, time management, word processing, and computing abilities. Basic computer skills are essential as well as some familiarity with the audio visual technology used by the music department. A general knowledge of how ODY’s online catalog works, as well as an understanding of the specific nature of sound recording and music score classification is helpful. The Music Library assistant must work well with the public and be willing and able to communicate effectively with other students and staff.

The student in this position will report directly to the Music Library Supervisor.
He/she will be responsible for scheduling eight to nine student workers each semester. There are 16 shifts which cover 37 hours per week of public service when the Music Library is open. The Music Library assistant will be responsible for making arrangements for substitutes, covering the desk when scheduling problems arise, and keeping track of any public service and usage issues that occur. The student worker will also be assigned various library related tasks, which could include basic copy cataloging using the OCLC bibliographic utility, and St. Lawrence’s online catalog’s module, Sierra. Shelf maintenance, inventory, repair of library materials, physical processing of items, etc. will be required on a regular basis. Occasionally there will be times when the student worker will be expected to help enter and/or create basic metadata for the Richard F. Brush Art Gallery’s digital collections. Also, the editing of selected digital images for our online Gallery collections will be required as needed.

Skills Required: 

Skill required  9
Level of effort  9
Responsibility  9
Stress/Working Conditions 7