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Periodicals and Government Documents Assistant

ODY Periodicals
Position Grade Level: 
Rate of Pay: 
Working Hours: 
6-12 Hours/Week (Within the hours of 8:30–4:30 per mutual agreement with supervisor)
Number of Students Hired: 
Job Description: 

Routine tasks include: 
• Unpackaging mail
• Date stamping and shelving checked-in mail
• Distributing checked-in serials to other areas within the library (reference, index, main)
• Re-shelving current and bound journals, current newspapers, microfilm w/wo call number
• Pull newspapers and journals for discard according to specific instructions
• Pack issues and unpack volumes for binding
• Physically process bound volumes (proofread spine & match to inside issues, tattletape, barcode,      property stamp)
• Create sheet labels on MS Word and apply to volumes shelved without binding
• Shelf reading of current, bound, and microfilm shelves
• Inventory and organize various formats of Government Documents for library use. This includes
• Receiving, shelflisting, processing and shelving of United States, Canadian Documents and ODY Lower Level materials.
• Special projects such as major stack shifting in ODY Periodicals, Gov Docs and other locations.

Skills Required: 

Ability to:
• Work independently
• Pay attention to detail and be accurate in noting and recording details
• Work with MS Office programs
• Follow precise instructions
• Lift and shelve heavy volumes
• Understand complex alphabetizing (LC, SuDoc, and CanDoc call numbers)
• Recognize foreign language day/dates and months
• Be responsible
• Maintain attendance

Skill required    8
Level of effort    8
Responsibility  10
Stress/Working Conditions    5