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Student Special Projects and Research Assistant

Library Administration
Position Grade Level: 
Rate of Pay: 
Number of Students Hired: 
Job Description: 

Student Special Projects and Research Assistants will work under the direction of the ODY Library Director on projects in the areas of:

• Bibliographic/Metadata Enhancement
• Bibliographic Research
• Collection Development

      This person will learn:

• some fundamentals about bibliographic and metadata structures
• how to search a variety of bibliographic databases to identify titles for enhancement or purchase
• how to enhance metadata in records for titles already held by the SLU Libraries

Skills Required: 

• ability to work independently and with accuracy
• demonstrated research skills with bibliographic databases
• previous library experience helpful, especially with a component part of an Integrated Online Library System, e.g., Cataloging, Circulation, Acquisitions, or Serials Control

Skill required  10
Level of effort  10
Responsibility  10
Stress/Working Conditions 7