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EBL E-Books

EBL e-books are a substantial collection of electronic texts available through Encore, ODYsseus, and the ConnectNY catalog.  EBL e-books strengthen our collection in areas like economics, business, education, modern languages, performing arts, religious studies, and networked information technology.  Among the presses contributing titles to EBL books are Oxford University Press, MIT Press, Cambridge University Press, University of California Press, McGill-Queen’s University Press, and Harvard University Press.  EBL e-books are published through ConnectNY, when you open an EBL e-book you will need to login using the authentication process for borrowing titles in ConnectNY.

Printing and Download Notes: 

10% of an EBL e-book title can be printed or downloaded from an Internet browser using the Print command on the uppermost toolbar.  EBL e-books are compatible with the Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, SONY Reader, KindleFire, and Android devices, and can be checked out (downloaded) to be read offline.  To do this you will have to install both a Blue Fire Reader and Adobe Digital Editions on your device.

Supported Devices: 
Encore, ODYsseus, and ConnectNY.

E-Book Checklist

An overview of the software one needs to download e-books from Encore/ODYsseus to a personal device.