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Films and Videos

The Video Collection at the SLU Libraries

St. Lawrence University Students, Faculty, Staff, and Emeriti can use the video collection. Associated College Faculty may also borrow videos. Faculty may also schedule a film for network broadcast.  Policies for borrowing videos are detailed for each group on the borrowing policies pages.

Where Are they?

DVDs and VHS video tapes are located at the Circulation Desk in ODY, and they can be borrowed during regular library hours.  All DVD's and VHS tapes are in ODYsseus, the SLU Libraries' Catalog, and you can browse a list of new videos.

Showing on the Campus Network

SLU Faculty may request library owned videos (DVD or VHS) be streamed over the campus network. Streaming is restricted to the campus network (or via VPN) and all films must be accessed through Sakai.

For more information, please refer to Video on Demand Broadcast information.


To renew videos patrons should either renew online, stop by the ODY Circulation Desk or call  (315) 229-5451, or email:


Patrons are allowed the option of placing a hold on a video title that is currently checked out. The patron will be notified that the item is being held for them at the ODY Circulation Desk once the item has been returned.

Lost Videos

All videos that are not returned or are lost will be subject to a replacement fee that will be determined by the Library staff.

What About Playing Region 2 DVDs?

We have and do receive requests from faculty to purchase Region 2 DVDs, and the Collection Development office honors those requests. (Region 2 in DVD geography is Japan, Europe, South Africa, and Middle East). While Region 2 DVDs will not work on many DVD players sold in the United States, DVD viewers in Carnegie Hall classrooms will play Region 2 discs. To reserve one of these rooms for an evening or weekend time slot contact Laura Ramsey, 5996. 

Ordering Videos

Every department and program on campus has an acquisitions budget allocation from the Library that can be used to request new videos. You may contact your library liaison or department chair, who will let you know how that process works.  Additional information on requesting the purchase of videos and a request form can be found on the Collection Development and Acquisitions Ordering Information page.


For questions about borrowing videos or other issues with using the collection please contact Rhonda Courtney at (315) 229-5479, or