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ODY Library

  • ODY Tree Room

    The Tree Room is located on the top floor of ODY Library.
  • Josephine Young Room

    The Josephine Young Room in Owen D. Young Library has been a “browsing room” since “ODY” was built in 1959. 
  • Browsing Collection

    The ODY Browsing Collection offers patrons access to a selection of new fiction, poetry and non-fiction.
  • Tree House

    There are 8 raised cubicles spread throughout ODY Library's 3rd floor where students can study above the ‘distraction line’ allowing for a more effective and quiet study time.
  • ODY Research Help Desk

    Research Assistance provided by the ODY Research Help Desk.

Built in 1959, expanded in 1980, and renovated in 1999-2000, this is the main campus library. Features include the Munn Writing Center (aka The WORD Studio), the "treehouse" study areas, two public computer labs, and a 24-hour study room.

Even as the St. Lawrence University libraries' staff have aggressively added scholarly resources in digital form to the already substantial print-based collections, they have also attempted to create physical spaces that support both research and instruction. Thus, Owen D. Young Library, renovated in 1999, includes electronic classrooms and group study space dedicated to the teaching mission of the library. Highlights of the six-million-dollar ODY renovation include: Three new electronic classrooms, equipped with workstations and state-of-the-art teaching equipment for hands-on learning. When the classrooms are not scheduled for class use, they are available for student use. Fourteen new group study/seminar rooms available for individual and group use. Two hundred new seats in locations that are "wired" for network and Internet access; in the academic year 2005-2006, the library went "wireless" on all three levels. Seating is available in Owen D. Young (ODY) and Launders Libraries to roughly one-half of the student body at any given time.


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