To receive honors in English, students must achieve a minimum GPA of 3.5 in the major and submit for evaluation a critical or creative writing project of substantial length. The proposal for an honors project must be submitted to the department’s Honors/Independent Projects committee by March 1st of the semester preceding the beginning of the project.

The project is developed in English 498 (Honors Projects) under the direction of a faculty advisor, and is offered only in the fall semester. Critical projects usually examine the works of a particular writer, or a literary theme or practice that two or more writers share. Creative projects are usually collections of original poetry, fiction, prose essays or screenplays. (See also Honors in the Curriculum chapter of the University Catalog.)

Honors Projects 2014-2015

  • Jacob Brillhart - Advisor, Paul Graham
  • Caroline Fleischauer - Advisor, Sarah Gates
  • Emilie Holmgren - Advisor, Bob Thacker
  • Kara McDuffee - Advisor, Juraj Kittler
  • Jessica Normandeau - Advisor - Mary Hussmann
  • Kaitlin Savage - Advisor - Sarah Barber
  • Madeline Wetterhahn - Advisor - William Bradley
  • Tessa Yang - Advisor, Pedro Ponce

Honors Proposal Form