Semester and Year-Long Programs

St. Lawrence University supports 28 off-campus programs in over 20 countries that allow students to enrich their majors, expand their world, gain cross-cultural perspectives and skills, and prepare to be responsible global citizens. 

Apply by February 20th, 2017 to study off-campus in Fall 2017. Applications accessible via the individual program pages below.

St. Lawrence Programs

St. Lawrence University operates nine of its own semester/year long off-campus programs. Our programs foster deep cultural immersion, typically through homestays, language study, and course work before, during, and after the off-campus program. These well established and highly regarded programs are closely integrated into our campus curriculum and supported by the faculty. 

Partner Programs

The University has partnered with other carefully selected programs in different regions. Some involve direct enrollment in foreign universities, and others are operated by U.S. colleges/universities or highly respected study abroad program providers. 

Students whose academic and area interests lie outside of the opportunities provided by St. Lawrence & St. Lawrence-partner programs may research non-affiliated programs on their own and may submit an application by the St. Lawrence University off-campus study application deadline, after meeting with the Director of Off-Campus Programs. For more information on applying to a non-SLU program, please see the Off-Campus Study Policies & Procedures page)

Application Deadlines:

Program Spring Semester Fall Semester
SLU/Partner programs 10-Sep 20-Feb
India   1-Dec
ISEP 20-Aug 30-Jan
NOTE: The off-campus study application process is competitive and space is limited on all programs.  All applications are reviewed by selection committees which weigh the applicant’s academic record; preparation and rationale for off-campus study; social/disciplinary history; and prior/future opportunities for off-campus study in college.  For further details about the application process, criteria, and policies, please visit our Policies and Procedures page.