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2011 Alumni Communications Survey

Survey Date: 
December 2011
Population Surveyed: 
All alumni
Instrument Type: 
Home-grown instrument

As follow-up to the comprehensive alumni survey conducted in 2008, St. Lawrence conducted a second alumni survey in December 2011 to focus on University communications. The survey asked about readership levels for existing University communications, topics of interest, preferences regarding print versus online communication, including social media, and asked for thoughts about the University Web homepage and the “my St. Lawrence” site. In addition, the survey repeated questions from the 2008 survey about alumni perceptions and collected information on affinity group interests.
The purpose of this survey is to inform our University Communications Plan, the design of the new Net Community alumni site, and the Alumni Engagement project. A total of 3,731 alumni responded, for a response rate of 23%. We again thank the St. Lawrence Alumni Council for co-sponsoring this survey.