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Off-Campus Study (2017)

(Updated Jan. 16, 2018)
of '17 grads studied for at least one semester abroad/off-campus

Program Locations

The following are the locations for semester-long off-campus programs 2017 graduates enrolled. Students who participated in multiple programs are counted for each program, but students who studied for multiple semesters in the same program are only counted once for that program.

Program Location Participants
London 42
New York City 36
Denmark 29
Kenya 29
New Zealand 22
Spain 21
Austria 21
France 20
Italy 15
Washington D.C. 12
Australia 11
Adirondack Semester 9
Czech Republic 9
Trinidad and Tobago 7
Jordan 6
Thailand 6
Costa Rica 5
China 4
Sustainability Semester 4
India 3
International Student Exchange Program 3
Japan 3
Non-SLU Abroad Program 2
Brazil 1
Nashville 1
Czech Republic

    Participation in off campus study at time of graduation   To learn more about off-campus programs at SLU, visit the International and Intercultural Office web page